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Mary Evans is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in experimental video and Paper Mache sculpture. Evans has developed a unique visual and conceptual vocabulary that speaks to ideas of consciousness, spiritualism, and interdimensional realities. Rituals of symbolic transformation are performed as characters travel into and flirt with the void in the format of pop music videos.

Change is a gateway. Upon passage, it alters states of consciousness and perception of reality. There is no undoing of change.

The wheel of change spins, creating cylindrical space like a slow-moving tornado in which we reside in the center. It collapses in on itself. Memory creates the shape of a spiral thrust forward into the future, mimicking the travels of the solar system. On birthdays, TV reruns, and with whiffs of familiar smells, we return to what is stored in the body. What feels like apparitions of the past are alive as well, moving through our DNA.

The ending of things leaves occupation for something else, A growing thing.As a child, I was mystified by the crucifix. A line that divides space into four quadrants, the seasons, marked in the center by death. I continuously return to death, resurrection, and transformation in my work.. In 1974, a Lithuanian archeologist, Marija Gimbutas, published controversial theories developed from her digs in Old Europe.Her ideas about Pre-Indo-Europeans were informed by her discovery of over 500 Goddess figurines with breast, buttocks, and vulvas. She understood that this culture worshiped the Goddess as a birth, death, and resurrection symbol.

The female form was seen to mimic the cycle of life seen on the Earth as the changing of seasons. This recontextualization of the Christ archetype outside the patriarchy was powerful for me. On this Earth, death must occur for spring to arrive. Eternal spring does not exist here, but eternity is found in the only constant, which is change.

When a caterpillar enters the chrysalis phase, its previous form dissolves into goo. Somewhere in its cellular memory is a blueprint of how to build itself back together in the form of a butterfly. We fall apart into dust, and there is no path ahead. In my experience, there is a call to the inside, to the cellular memory, the part of yourself that built your body in the womb that still remembers how to build you. And that is how you crawl out.

The Tower can touch your life despite any securities used to void the discomfort of change. In the tarot, The Tower represents the unavoidable change that levels youIt makes you start from scratch and address what is fundamentally important. Sometimes these are the necessary events that bring us back to who we are.

The Tower is evidence of attachment. It stands built with purpose, an echo of power, a mirror of ambition, a structure to lean on. This buildup of ideas rarely overpowers or escapes the reality of nature and time who is a destructionairess.