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Caroline Lichucki utilizes various conceptual and material approaches in order to create installations, sculptures, and drawings. These works speculate on moments of satire withincultic thought and mythology.

Janet is a colossal maggot that has lived inside Earth for over 2000 years. She loves basking in the accumulation of your waste and decay. She slurps dregs, sludge, and scum. When she’s feeling diaphanous and frisky, she entangles herself in the roots of trees within topsoil, engorging herself on mini morsels of maggots and other meek grubs to gain beef and brawn for the great journey downward.

Once she’s gained enough mass, she begins to pupate. She pummels and sloshes through subsoil, bedrock, mantle, and finally the depths of hell. The brightest lava singes her sheath, forming an impossibly thick, resilient husk around her unapologetically effusive gushing body.

She has never died, and she never will.
We will never get rid of Janet.
You should know that during ​metamorphosis, the maggot’s original body completely degenerates. An air bubble escapes the pupa, filling the ​puparium​ in order to create space for legs, head, and wings to develop. This is no painful transformation like the butterfly in its acidic puparial bath. Janet stews in an unctuous goo of ecstasy and bliss. She awaits the emergence of her new form.

When it’s time, she utilizes her own flatulence to propel from Earth’s molten womb, explosively birthing herself through Mt. Etna’s volcanic canal. She splashes into the ocean off the coast of Sicily and drifts to shore.

Mopping the poop deck like a good sailor, young Thomas, an Italian Navelman on the S.S. MadreVerruca, looks up from his duty and spots a mysterious yet utterly lavish bulging black mass as the ship approaches land. Janet’z crusty dermis begins to rupture and shed. The naval men panic. They scramble to make way for the quaking nugget mass.