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In my work, the issue of identity is a phenomenological attitude towards the authenticity of being, the incessant conscious endeavor of assessment of relation with the Other. Being in the diaspora is being among the Other while experiencing the sense of Otherness from one’s own homeland. This displacement of the body due to social and political upheaval intensifies the sense of loss and lack of ownership. The ephemerality of cultural and geographical connections leads to the crisis of subjectivity. The existential reexamination of these connections to achieve the authentic potential of being is my artwork’s core concept.

I fill up the gap of loss of ownership and crises of subjectivity by incorporating what I call monumental text. Although the meaning of language is an intangible entity, the myth of a monumental text’s meaning deviates itself from the reality and literal translation of words. It exists in the structure of power. Because of its social and political affiliation, the monumental text has a significant impact on the issue of subjectivity and defining the self.
In a monumental text, the hermeneutic loop of meaning influences our understanding and reveals the absurdity of language. The experience of reading a text alters our understanding, and this comprehension again influences our experience of reading. There are always other words in a word, other texts in a text which makes this process infinite. A loop between the reader and text, the endless chain of the signification of language, and time, provides a three-dimensional liminal space that I want to experience and share with the spectator. This absurdity conveys a sensation of the Real, which we construct through the language’s symbolic nature.